History of the Campaign

History of the Campaign (2005 to 2011)

In 2005, Eastleigh Borough Council passed a resolution to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee in its own main Civic Offices. The Borough Council's Cabinet also approved a budget and other resources to facilitate the setting up of a local Fairtrade campaign with a view to becoming a Fairtrade Borough. Cabinet and Management Team Fairtrade Champions were appointed and the Sustainability Policy Coordinator for the Council was commissioned to create a group to take the Campaign forward.

This action by the Council was highly unusual in that it is normally a group of committed local citizens that canvass their local Council about becoming a Fairtrade Borough. Since there was no obvious group of people interested in Fairtrade locally, a great deal of effort and time was spent in raising awareness and creating an interim steering group.

After a few events and publicity designed to attract interested people, an interim steering committee was formed in July 2006 and a constitution for the Campaign agreed. This committee arranged several public meetings and attended various events with a 'Fairtrade in Eastleigh Borough' display. The secretary's report for the year 2006/2007, which gives more details of activities throughout this period is available on our Reports and Publications page.

Eastleigh Borough Council continues to support the Campaign and in 2006 gave a £500 grant to help, along with 'in kind' and other financial support.

The Present (2012)

The first Annual General Meeting of the Fairtrade in Eastleigh Borough Campaign was held on 4 July 2007. At this meeting, a new Committee was elected (although many of the interim committee continue to serve in that capacity) and priorities identified.

There are over 200 people and organisations on our 'network' database who have offered their support and would like to be kept informed of the local Fairtrade campaign. However, there are very few people who have come forward to serve on the committee or help out with administration tasks, or at events. See our How to get Involved page to find out how you can help.

The future (2012 and beyond)

In the future the committee will be concentrating on finding out which organisations, businesses, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc. within Eastleigh Borough are already serving Fairtrade tea, coffee and other Fairtrade goods. We also want to find out which local stores are stocking such goods for people to buy. Once we have met the minimum Fairtrade Borough criteria we can then apply for Fairtrade status.

We hope to have a Fairtrade in Eastleigh Borough stand at various local community events and engage more effectively with known Fairtade supporters. We also want to broaden our supporter base across all sectors of our local community and across all faith and no faith groups. If we can get more people who are prepared to do practical tasks for the Campaign, we can then become more proactive and engage with schools, colleges, organisations and businesses who are not currently serving Fairtrade goods.